10 Tenets of a Connected Smart City

Rapid population growth and the move toward urbanization is driving the push for smarter cities, all around the world. At the core of every smart, resourceful city are 10 tenets that enable tomorrow's thriving cities and vibrant communities—learn how to get connected and lead the way with Itron.

Envision: America

The White House has a plan to unify and unite cities to solve energy, water, waste and air issues—and Itron is a proud supporter again in 2017.
Envision America has announced 10 cities selected to work with leading experts from industry and academia to diagnose needs, uncover solutions and develop new smart initiatives for their community.

Again this year, Itron will play an integral supporting role for Envision America, a program under Envision Charlotte, which has issued a challenge to accelerate deployment of innovative technologies that tackle key challenges, such as reducing traffic congestion, fostering economic growth, managing the effects of a changing climate and improving city services.

Launched in 2016, Envision America is building on the success of its inaugural workshop to drive the success of smart initiatives in America’s cities to tackle energy, water, waste and air challenges.

Learn more: http://envisionamerica.org

Building a Smart Island

Leveraging Itron's OpenWay® Riva IoT solution, the island of Tongatapu is looking to become the world’s first "Smart Island" through the installation of a smart network to be shared by Tonga Power Limited and Tonga Water Board.
Located in the South Pacific, the Kingdom of Tonga is home to Tonga Power Limited (TPL), one of the first utilities in the world to deploy Itron's OpenWay Riva technology on nearly 15,000 electricity meters on the island of Tongatapu. This was the first step in becoming the world’s first “Smart Island” by installing a smart network to improve energy efficiency, reduce losses and prepare its power grid for the future. Now the Kingdom of Tonga is turning its attention to managing its precious water resources more intelligently. Using the same communication network infrastructure installed by TPL for electricity, the Tonga Water Board is using the OpenWay Riva technology to reduce water losses associated with leaks and capture lost revenue due to non-payment.

Learn more about Tonga’s Smart Island implementation >

Building Smart Foundations

How do we make smart cities less of a catch phrase and more of a reality? Truly smart cities are deploying communication solutions that support a myriad of applications—ones that enable smarter delivery of electricity, water and gas—and that allow utilities of all shapes and sizes to provide more reliable and efficient services. Ones like Itron's OpenWay Riva IoT solution.
The market for innovative measuring and sensing technologies is converging rapidly with broader markets for smart grid, smart cities and the Internet of Things (IoT). As migration toward urban centers increases, cities are under increasing pressure to manage resources more effectively, and utilize new technology to make the urban landscape more livable, sustainable and economically vibrant. These challenges are significant and the opportunities before us are compelling. To meet the needs of tomorrow's smart cities, it's imperative to implement a multi-application, standards-based network infrastructure and IoT technology platform to form the foundation for advanced measurement and sensing activities.

Itron has extensive expertise in helping energy and water utilities be more efficient, more reliable and more resilient. With more than 155 million connected devices installed in cities throughout the world, Itron is delivering networked solutions that enable outcomes for smart business cases for applications such as energy management, enhanced safety for natural gas and water efficiency.

Our OpenWay Riva IoT solution is based on assured connectivity, distributed analytics, an open application ecosystem and an interoperable, multi-purpose network. Itron's technology platform can be leveraged to deliver additional value streams and return on investment to cities. By enabling IoT applications such as transportation and traffic management, electric vehicle (EV) charging, refuse collection and streetlight management, Itron provides enduring sustainability and value to utilities, commercial enterprises, consumers and their communities.

Urbanova: A Living Smart City Laboratory

Urbanova is a living laboratory where public and private technology partnerships are being harnessed to empower citizens to help shape a more sustainable urban future. Learn more about how Itron is helping Urbanova build on the OpenWay® Riva IoT solution as the foundation for their Smart and Connected Streetlights Pilot today, with endless possibilities for tomorrow.

Envision Charlotte: Collaborating for a Sustainable City

Safe, reliable electricity, gas and water form the foundation of any flourishing community and are critical to ongoing economic prosperity, social well-being and resource conservation. Learn how Charlotte, N.C, is transforming into a more resourceful city and achieved a 19 percent reduction in energy usage in just a few short years—that's more than $26 million in savings.

Utilizing uptown Charlotte, N.C., as a living laboratory to foster innovation, Envision Charlotte is developing first-of-their kind programs in energy, water, waste and air to conserve resources and reduce operating costs. Itron energy and water technology is helping Envision Charlotte meet their sustainability goals.

Read about Itron's deployment of a smart water network to analyze water usage in downtown Charlotte.
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A Platform You Can Build On

Itron Riva, our embedded platform for industrial IoT devices, encourages a collaborative ecosystem for innovative problem solving—and is where the next generation of smart city applications will be built.
The Itron Riva Developers' Community is an ecosystem for prototyping and developing IoT solutions that benefit energy and water conservation efforts, smart cities, manufacturing, agriculture and other critical industries. The community offers developers the tools to adapt the Itron Riva technology and architecture to develop turnkey IoT solutions for a range of applications. Ask questions, share your ideas and collaborate here.


Put Your Streetlight to Work

Put your streetlight to work as an active endpoint in a connected citywide network—where devices gather data, share it, and act. With the OpenWay Riva solution, your streetlight becomes a platform that can help manage water and monitor energy consumption, air quality, traffic and more. All part of a unified, active and open network—making your city a better place.
Unlike networks that are built for one purpose—such as streetlights—the OpenWay Riva solution features a standards-compliant, IPv6 multi-application infrastructure that separates the network from the devices and applications that run on it—meaning that new devices and applications interoperate and can be easily added to the network.

OpenWay Riva Streetlight Solution >